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alanxxx 9 years ago
WOW that was a nice load of cum all over my laptop
diva 7 years ago
Both were dry not wet n juicy boring n fake
Kel 7 years ago
Umm.... Any woman who watches this can clearly see that she was NOT licking that girls clit. Makes it hard to get off to it when it isn't even believable
sexy siren 7 years ago
V boring no proper licking n sucking
alanxxx 9 years ago
just going to have my wank and shoot my load all over the place
alanxxx 9 years ago
i wish that was me sucking that clit looks so nice
Khan. 3 years ago
So beautiful pussy.
Cameron Ingram 3 years ago
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palo 7 years ago
hshh 8 years ago